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Join Us To Explore Tanzania!

Come along with us to get an insider’s look at the country and culture of Tanzania. From Dar es Salaam to Dodoma, with adventures through national parks, this 11-day trip will show you all the wonders that Tanzania has to offer. Experience the local culture, see Dodoma Christian Medical Center in action, and take in the natural beauty of the country on safari.

July 19-31, 2019

Group Size: 8 people

Estimated Cost: $2,970 per person, excluding international airfare

Click here for the full itinerary

Bookings are filling up fast; only 4 spots remaining.

For More Information, contact: | (763) 432-6589


DIPC Astante Beverages is in Production!

Astante Beverages has started production! Currently, 1.5 Liter bottles of water are rolling off the production floor, and carbonated and flavored drinks will be coming soon. Astante Beverages is committed to giving a minimum of 50% of profits toward supporting DCMC. Congratulations to everyone at Asante Beverages!

Dental Outreach Program Expanding

Congregants of Westwood Lutheran Church raised an astounding $51,000 for DCMC’s dental outreach program to support oral hygiene education at regional schools, free care for students, and the addition of new staff. Thank you to Westwood for this transformational gift!

DCMC Welcomes New Pediatrician

Ms. Kabibi Paskazia Byabato has been a Pediatrician and Child Health Specialist at Ndolage Hospital since October 2012 through April 2018 when she joined DCMC. The number of staff has grown dramatically in recent years with 106 total with an additional 18 in demand.

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