What We Do


DTHD provides support for Tanzania-based Dodoma Christian Medical Center (DCMC) and its growing medical staff.  In 2020, DCMC served 100,000 patients in Central Tanzania. The medical center provides a range of inpatient, outpatient, dental services and community health outreach programs to a population for whom quality healthcare is not easily found.

Visit our YouTube page for videos of the medical center and to see our mission in action!

Medical Services

In addition to basic outpatient services, the 50-bed Dodoma Christian Medical Center was officially upgraded from a...

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Community Health Outreach

DCMC’s Community Health Department (CHD) outreach initiatives are at the forefront of providing critical preventive care...

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Reproductive & Child Health

The Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) Clinic opened in 2008 and is known for delivering compassionate care in a clean,...

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Dental Clinic

Since opening in 2007, the Dental Clinic has become a model for modern dentistry in Tanzania.  Today, it is one of...

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Our mission is to ensure high-quality, compassionate, Tanzanian-led health care for the people of Central Tanzania by developing the capacity and sustainability of Dodoma Christian Medical Center.