What We Do


DTHD provides support for Tanzania-based Dodoma Christian Medical Center (DCMC) and its growing medical staff.  DCMC, which has served thousands of children and adults in the Dodoma region of Central Tanzania, provides a range of medical, dental, reproductive and family health care services and community health outreach programs to a population for whom quality health care is not easily found.


Medical Services

In addition to basic outpatient services, DCMC Trust was upgraded from a Medical Center to a Hospital by the Ministry of...

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Cervical cancer screening

Community Health Outreach

DCMC’s Community Health Department outreach initiatives are at the forefront of providing critical preventive care and...

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Reproductive & Child Health

The DCMC Trust Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) Clinic, opened in 2008, is known for delivering compassionate care in a...

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Dental Clinic

Since opening in 2007, the Dental Clinic has become a model for modern dentistry in Tanzania.  Today, it is one of...

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Our mission is to ensure high-quality, compassionate, Tanzanian-led health care for the people of Central Tanzania by developing the capacity and sustainability of Dodoma Christian Medical Center.