Our Philosophy

DTHD is founded on Christian principles which honor and respect the people of Tanzania and their need for high-quality, compassionate, sustainable health care.  Rooted in our long-term commitment to create a partnership model that inspires caring, creative collaborations, we are guided by the following four cornerstone principles.

Cornerstones of Philosophy

Tanzanian leadership.  It is our deep belief that Tanzanians are experts on their country, their people’s needs, and the health care guidelines established by the Ministry of Health, and that the long-term success of DCMC depends on the creation of relationships that support Tanzanian governance and medical leadership.

High-quality care.  We ensure quality medical equipment, supplies and facilities and encourage high standards of care by qualified, professional staff.

Educational partnership.  We foster equitable international medical education relationships and learning opportunities that support capacity-building.

A model for future sustainability. We expect stewardship and accountability of resources and create innovative sustainability solutions.